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At the time of the conversion of our business in 2006 we replaced our complete sow population with SPF-sows.
The search for sows with high health status and a economical high yield genetics lead us to the Danish stock breeder   ‘Breeders of Denmark’.
The M+breeding sow that we produce is bred according to the DanBred genetics view.  DanBred is the uncontested winner of the warentest 2008 van Haus Düsse 

Our own knowhow, efficiency, electronic passport, the feed curve we developed, the measuring of back fat and the good condition of our gilts make up the plus for our customers.

All this ensures an easy handling of the M+gilt.  In this way we guarantee sows with DanBred genetics ‘Made in Belgium’ and characterized by remarkable added value.

For the true-bred boars we primarily use the sperm of the AI station Ki Vansteenlandt-Demeester from Belgium.  Relation schemes, breeding value index, de productie-georiënteerde fokdoelen F1 and the set of standards we use determine the choice of boars to obtain the best results in cross breeding.

It is our aim to build a lasting relationship with you as a sow breeder resulting in a higher yield and an improvement of the health status of your farm.

The M+breeding gilt : the best sow !

  • improvement of the health at your farm
  • cost saving through an increase in technical performance
  • a strong partner with his own management advice
  • a feedcurve developped in-house
  • the genetic improvement of the M+breeding gilt is based on de calculation of the indexes according the databank in Copenhagen
  • goal : genetic improvement per porker of one euro per year
  • A high quality finished product that easily finds its way in the market of piglets and porkers
    electronic identification/transponder.  The correct data (father-mother- date of birth-number of teat-sanitel number-sow number-transpondercode) are sent by email and read in your Ceres programme .(Click here for an example)
  • offered at the age of your choice
  • durable breeding material
  • A healthy and balanced diet contributes towards a higher yield.  We require a high standard of quality when purchasing raw materials : good sources are rare; we enhance the feed with solid building stones as organic trace elements, DHA and live yeast. The raw materials are analysed at regular intervals for mycotoxins.
  • a relation based on trust with feedback

Our breeding breeding gilts comply with all legal requirements.