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The M+ piglet , charactarised by its good quality an health , constitutes an absolute added value for your pig farm.
m+pigs offers a healthy, uniform piglet fulfilling the requirements of your business from a free maket strategy point of view.

Hygiene for the benefit of the M+piglet in all production areas is our main concern.

Lochristi is located in a region with very few pigfarms.  As a consequence, the health (SPF = Specific Pathogen Free) of our animals is scarcely threatened and the need to administer medication to the animals as a group or individually is minimal.

A healthy and balanced diet is at the base of a carefree fattening period.

It is our goal to build up a lasting relationship with our customer.

The M+Piglet : a product with added value ! 

  • Optimize the yield on your pig farm
    • 15% increase in growth
    • 3% increase of number of pigs sold
    • 75% decrease of the medication cost
    • less work/more fun (medical injections, isolation of  carcasses)
  • m+pigs offers made to measure solutions taking into account the client’s wishes :
    • offers per stable
    • filling up per section
    • possibility to full up entire farms with an interval of 14 days or 4000 piglets
  • An M+piglet is deliverd per genus
  • m+pigs offers you full support from A to Z based on our personal experience
  • We have  been granted the A4-statute since 2006 (PDF)
  • The M+piglet is bread to a sustainable strategy.  The quality is monitored following throughout the whole production process following a fixed protocol in all the different fields of the process (feed, health, blood analysis, ……).
  • We provide a delivery certificate at the time of delivery of the piglets. (PDF)


Our piglets comply with Codiplan PLUS requirements.